Nukubalavu (Vanua Levu)


7417 Nukubalavu 7527 village house and garden 7423 on the beach in Nukubalavu
7416 Wais and his nephew (also Wais) 7445 around the kava bowl 7443 Wais as warrior
7502 Wais and Barbara dancing 7465 ladies dancing 7468 spear dance
7500 warriors 7483 sitting around the kava bowl 7487 musicians
7514 inside village church 7583 mother and daughter on their way to church 7526 cleaning fish
7534 lovo pit (earth oven) 7537 opening the pit 7542 taro for the chief
7551 the lovo cooks 7556 plate setting and lady warding off flies 7559 a good meal

7584 leka! (Fijian for tasty! sounds the same as German lecker) 7561 the ladies' area