I N D O N E S I A (3)



1571 Gunung Merapi (appr. 3000 m), volcano near Yogya 1581 in the Kraton (sultan's palace) 1578 music pavillion at the Kraton, with instruments of the gamelan orchestra
1596 treaty pavillion in the Kraton 1593 ceiling in the treaty hall 1609 mask and guard in Kraton
1646 a guardian at a house in the old city 1647 eggs grow on bushes here! 1652 south gate of the old city (Kraton district)
1671 at the bird market    
1677 rabbits galore 1675 want to buy a baby python? 1686 at the market
1687 the egg lady 1688 bird cages, all shapes and sizes 1689 the herbalist
1690 our taxi 1693 food stall 1697 mosque in the Kraton district
1698 a new paint job    
1699 a lunch stall 1700 lane in the Kraton district 1702 happy kids
1704 food for breaking the Ramadan fast after sunset 1713 Ramadan evening market 1718 spring rolls and more
1720 north gate and full moon 1724 Malioboro - Yogya's main street 1728 Bank of Indonesia building
1730 laid back    
1733 Dibiyo with neighborhood watch alarm drum 1742 the batik master at work 1748 narrow alley
1749 beautiful plants everywhere 1751 restaurant kitchen 1756 restaurant kitchen
1757 what an aroma! 1761 the restaurant 1764 heavy traffic
1784 houses along the river 1770 Prambanan temple, Hindu  


1821 our chauffeur 1831 Buddha at Mendut temple near Borobudur 1833 Skip beleaguered by hawkers
1834 drying rice 1818 view of Borobudur, biggest Buddhist temple in the world 1791 relief at Borobudur
1900 Buddha 1901 stupas at the top 1906 Buddha inside a stupa
1907 uncovered Buddha in stupa 1910 Borobudur in golden afternoon light
1862 Barbara making friends with the elephant Ela 1875 pasha, on Mori 1880 pasha and his queen
1837 view of Borobudur 1856 reconstruction of ship in the relief 1913 Javanese landscape near Merapi volcano