170 sunset over Kawau Island 176 Mansion Bay, Kawau Island 185 looking south, Kawau Island
199 Black Pearl and Ragnar in Mansion Bay 217 Skip varnishing masts in Opua, NZ 219 Jon and Emma antifouling
241 ...and making a bow net    
250 Port Moselle, Nouméa, Grande Terre 263 singing 340 eating lunch in the park
349 Tjibaou Center, Nouméa 365 modern "grandes cases", Tjibaou Center 367 corned beef cow, Tjibaou Center
378 new and old cases, Tjibaou Center 376 Skip feeling and looking at home...  
266 sculpture garden at La Foa, Grande Terre 261 La Foa 270 beach near Bourail, west coast Grande Terre
277 crossing the mountain range 278 an erector set /Stabilbaukasten) 285 east side of Grande Terre
293 resort on the beach, east coast 290 deer on beach next to our bungalow 298 Lindéraliques rocks, east coast
304 Hienghène Bay, east coast 307 old ferry over Ouaïème River 323 stand by the side of the road, east coast
383 wild man's bath, Baie du Prony 401 Ile Casy 416 Ile Casy
424 Ile Casy, abandoned mine 441 Ragnar in Baie du Prony  
458 "case" in the jungle, Lifou 460 "case" and shrine in a garden 469 Chane's son Milli
480 "grande case" in Nathalo 484 "grande case" and palisade 486 modern house of the great chief in Nathalo
495 Chanel and Marie-Odile with their children 502 Jokin Bay with burial caves 516 vanilla farm

520 Chépénéhé anchorage