3967 Sigiriya rock 3976 base of the stairway in Sigiriya 3981 huge wasp nest
3985 buxom ladies fresco in Sigiriya 3996 the ascent 4001 narrow stairway up the outside of the rock
4003 swimming pool on top of the rock 4007 the water garden below 4008 on top of the world
4012 what a construction!
4033 Dambulla Cave Temples 4039 sitting buddha statues in the cave 4042 outside of the Dambulla caves
4065 our nice guesthouse in Kandy, "Nature Walk" 4067 steep street in Kandy  
4078 view of Kandy in the rain 4071 Janika and Skip hugging a kauri tree in the Botanical Garden 4075 coco-de-mer palm
4077 coco-de-mer sign 4093 the day after the wedding  
4112 Mahawali Ganga, the river bordering the Botanical Garden 4118 cannonball tree 4124 flower archway
4138 in a brass shop in Kandy 4165 little dagoba (stupa)  
4160 young monk 4175 temple on top of a hill in Kandy 4191 twirling dancers
4248 flipflopping 4247 plate spinners 4245 fire swallower
4261 lakeside in Kandy 4266 Buddha Tooth Relic Temple 4274 queueing to view the relic
4281 buddha at the Buddha Tooth Temple 4300 offerings outside the temple  
4309 tea plantations in the mist 4307 tea picker 4318 building a waddle hut
4319 picking tea in the clouds 4326 landscape near Nuwara Eliya 4328 drying tea at Labookelly Tea Factory
4330 unloading bags with tea leaves    
4350 dried fish stall at Nuwara Eliya bazar 4353 the vegetable man at the bazar 4355 more vegies