P h u k e t Island and K r a b i area

3341 approaching Ao Chalong anchorage 3353 fruit stall 3356 purple dragon-fruit and mangoes
3355 durians 3348 opening a durian 3360 giant buddha above Ao Chalong
3363 Ao Chalong Harbor - can you find Ragnar?    
3371 market at Rawai 3372 market at Rawai 3373 sausages galore
3378 yummie, yummie!    
3390 with Werner in Phang Nga Bay 3434 Krabi fishing boat 3457 anchored in Ao Nang Bay, Krabi -
east meets west, two types of schooners
3459 longtail boats at Ao Nang beach    
3463 1.237 steps to the top!
at Wat Tham Seua Temple complex
3465 monkey on the steps 3468 1237 BIG steps
3483 view from the top of the 200 m karst peak 3485 relaxing after a hard climb  
3492 kitchen at the cave monastery 3495 monks' household chores 3512 monks' quarters
3500 buddha in the cave 3518 monks' huts 3519 assembly hall
3523 Khao Phanom Bencha National Park 3529 dense forest 3533 a little stream,
3534 but a big waterfall 3549 twisted liana  
3551 elephants in an oilpalm grove 3580 New Year's eve in Ao Nang  
3599 Phang Nga Bay 3634 entrance to Ko Hong lagoon, looking out 3620 inside Ko Hong lagoon
3640 rock formation inside the hong    
3657 Nai Han Bay, south Phuket 3661 elephant crossing 3664 southwest coast of Phuket
3677 cable spaghetti in Phuket town 3682 Boat Lagoon Marina, Phuket town