In October 2005 the schooner Ragnar will start its journey from Palma de Mallorca with course to the West guided by the sun which will be seen during dawn on the after –deck and by sunset will leave on the bow side. So when the 5 sailors of the crew return to Mallorca, they will know, that they have reached to sail around the whole world.

On this webpage we pretend to follow the journey starting from the preparation until the crossing informing about the ship, his crew and the journey- stages. A special attention deserves the kitchen  on board: the food selection and its stowage for a long journey as well as the daily  meal elaboration for  a balanced  nourishment to keep the crew active and healthy.


  Route with indication of the day and the position. Also indication of the foreseen route, possible changes The Crew, permanent employees and occasional workers. Bitacora book. The crew informs    

CHAP. I  Mallorca - Gibraltar

CHAP. II  Ilha do Sal, Cabo Verde Islands          23 Nov. o5


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